About Us

Here’s the story: In Spring of 2015, I began my infatuation with all things motorcycles. As a fashion-forward gal, I spent months trying to find clothes that fit my frame that were feminine and stylish. I looked in stores, online, in chat threads and asked around. It seemed like the motorcycle fashion world was not interested in selling to ladies with my figure. Ultimately, I found some pieces that worked, but it was all very frustrating, time consuming, and a bit embarrassing! The following few years were met with the same challenges and irritations. After some time, I realized what the motorcycle world needed…they needed to rev their engines and create some clothes for curvy riders! Hence, the idea of Goose It! was born. We are a small company, really small, but we have huge dreams. Starting with t-shirts and eventually moving to a full leather line to safely encompass the curvy chicks of the world. If you choose to Goose It! you will be ahead of the pack!

Here’s the problem: Finding good quality motorcycle wear if you have hips and big boobs, is a challenge. If you are size 12 and up, it is even more difficult. Most motorcycle and scooter vendors cater to slimmer female riders, thus leaving a large chunk of the population without access to kickass gear! Nationwide, female riders now make up roughly 25% of the riding community and approximately 14% own their ride; however, the vast majority of motorcycle clothing is geared towards male riders.

Here’s what we provide: At Goose It! our goal is to create products for riders who want to wear an original piece that reflects their personality. Style, functionality, and design are combined to allow an individual’s personality to shine through while wearing a Goose It! shirt. Our products not only look and feel great, they are intended to be an extension of our clients’ inner badass; rockers and mods alike!

Here’s why you’ll love us: Ladies who appreciate a retro, feminine look, quality product, and great fit will love our merchandise. Any client who desires a piece that that expresses their passion for motorcycles while having a seductive, yet playful side will appreciate our gear.

Here’s why we rock: Goose it! products are better than our competitors for several reasons. 1. We create gear that is primarily meant for curvy and plus-sized women, not women USA size 12 and under, and most certainly not “dudes.” 2. We focus on the figure of the female rider’s needs first, then incorporate functionality, and style. 3. We are a small, female run company that understands the motorcycle needs of curvy chicks!